Some of our most frequently asked questions.

    My garage door wont go down, I have to hold the button on the wall down the entire time to get the door to go down. My remote won't work only on the way up. I hear and see the light bulb flashing on the front of the opener.
  • All that has happened is your photo eyes have been bumped. All you have to do is go out there you will have an LED light on the front of each photo eye. One should be on all the time that is the sending eye. The other that is not on is the receiving eye. All that is needed is to reach down there adjust the wing nut on the front of the eye and adjust it until the light comes back on. Also check the photo eyes for cobwebs, trashcan placed in front of them, or anything that you stash in the corner of your garage. Once these eyes are fixed your remote will begin to work your garage door again. If you photo eyes still don't work check the connection where you eyes are connected to the wire in the wall, sometimes the connection gets broke. If everything still looks fine and nothing works please call Sooner Overhead Door and we have one more test you can do over the phone before we schedule a service call.
    How do I program my home link. The car dealer said it would work so easy. I can't seem to get it to work.
  • Sometimes it works easy sometimes it doesn't. First locate the learn button on your operator, the newer units installed the last 4 years will have a purple learn button if installed by Sooner Overhead Door. Then hold the remote that works right next to your homelink button in your car hold the two down together until the light on your home link stays solid. Once the light is solid press the learn button on the back of your opener the part that hangs down from the ceiling. Just press this button 1 second is plenty if you hold it down any longer you will erase the additional transmitters and keypads. Once the light on your homelink starts blinking. Then push the homelink until you can hear it operate your opener. Each door has to be programmed on a different button.
    How do I change the code in my keypad.
  • Find the purple learn button and press it in for 1 second and go to your keypad and hit your 4 new numbers then hit enter until the door starts to operate. This will eliminate your old code.

    My door wont go up all the way when I hit the button it starts to move up then it stops.
  • Look at the springs above your door more than likely one of the springs has broken. Then just call Sooner Overhead Door and we will schedule a service call.